Gent Smoke Detectors

Here at Trident we have a wide range of Gent smoke detectors. The Gent range of automatic fire detectors includes optical scatter Gent smoke detectors for general applications. Each detector is fully compliant and certfied to EN 54-7 and features 2 red LED fire indicators ensuring quick identification of the location of an alarm.

We also offer a complete duct Gent smoke detector package, including a duct detector, remote relay module and conventional detector. The duct detector is mounted on the outside of the air duct and has a venturi tube that samples the air within the duct itself. When the smoke density in the air sample reaches the smoke detector’s trigger level, an alarm is signalled on the fire alarm control panel.

The ALL-SPEC1 ASD & ALL-SPEC2 ASD is a universal air sampling smoke detection system for a broad range of applications.

The high degree of modularity of the device makes it possible to achieve a highly adaptable, cost effective solution. An additional price advantage comes with the optional equipping of the device with a second detector module. This means that one air sampling device can monitor two separate monitored areas.